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Three breakfast foods you adore?

My list is:

1. French Toast with maple syrup

2. Zucchini, tomato and feta omelettes

3. Oh’s cereal (at least two bowls)

Go on – Tell me! What’s on your PUKKA list?



List three sensations that give you delight every morning.

My PUKKA list is:

1. the first sip of coffee. yummmmm…

2. after a shower, drying my face off with a towel

3. seeing my boyfriend come out of our room in the morning, bleary-eyed and adorable (he gets up later than I do, so I have plenty of time to wake up and am alert enough to see how much of a sleep funk he’s in!)


When I look back over this list, I realize that I use three of my senses every morning to enjoy my world: taste, touch, and sight.

What about you? What’s on your PUKKA list?