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Scent Memories

List four scents that remind you of your childhood.

1. Campfires. My parents and I lived in the woods for a while and did a lot of our cooking over a campfire. And, for that matter…

2. Butter and Garlic Sauteing in a Pan. I might be mistaken, but I’m fairly certain my mother started off all of her meals by preparing these two ingredients.

3. Hay and horse manure. Doesn’t sound too glamorous, but it reminds me of some of the farms I used to visit when I was a kid. I absolutely love when I meet people that smell like this. But they have to smell like hay more than crap!

4. Musty basement smell. It reminds me of when I was 10 years old and thought the coolest bedroom in the house was in the basement (my sister had already claimed it for its day-long darkness).

Go on – Tell me! What’s on your PUKKA list?



Describe your “heart” in 3 ways.
This will obviously define what your interpretation of “heart” is.
The sky is the limit.
If you like some limits, then go with objects with detailed descriptions.

1. My heart is a green bough, waiting for a bird.
2. My heart is a cathedral.
3. My heart, sometimes, is pleasant music, but too many things strike the dissonant chord.

Go on – Tell me! What’s on your PUKKA list?


5 songs that feel cinematic to you.
(Makes you feel like a movie montage.)
Any emotion.
Sad montage: Bon Iver… The Wolves, Act I and II
Cowboy Romance montage: Dirty Three… No Stranger Than That
“The world is beautiful and I’m wandering through it” Montage: Kings of Convenience…The Weight of My Words (Four Tet Remix – Instrumental)
Jet Lag/Excessive Caffeine Consumption Montage: Patrick Watson…Beijing (first song performed on this video)
“It’s just like I imagined it” Montage: Sigur Ros…Ara Batur
How about you? What’s on your PUKKA list?


Five feelings you think of when you picture a window.
You can be descriptive with imagery.
My PUKKA list is:

  1. hope
  2. the recognition of potential
  3. dreams unrequited
  4. intuitive peace
  5. impermanence
What about you? What’s on your PUKKA list?