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Things that Get Old (or Don’t!)

List 3 things that you wish would never get old to you.
1. My body
I know – unavoidable, right?
2. Good music
Why is it that, when I fall head over heels for a new song or album, I play it way too often and end up not really caring about it anymore?
3. Passionate, infatuated love
In the beginning of a relationship, everything is in a frenzy. You’re literally lovesick, obsessed, and can’t think of or see anything else around you. Your new lover can do no wrong. Then, after a while, your obsession may turn into a more mature love. I’ve heard it referred to to as “getting comfortable.” Whenever I get to that stage (as I have too many times), I feel loss.
Go on – Tell me! What’s on your PUKKA list?