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6 ways to show you love someone by only using a 3 word sentence, that is not “I love you” (or any sort of close combination).
My choices are:
1. “Don’t be scared.”
2. “I’m always here.”
3. “Are you okay?”
4. “Come see me.”
5. “I need you.”
6. “Stay with me.”
My good friend John (idea generator for PUKKA lists) and my boyfriend Jared collaborated with me on this list. I had a difficult time coming up with any answers at first, but once they suggested the first few, I was able to play along!
Go on – Tell me! What’s on your PUKKA list?

About pukkalists

I used to suffer from list love. Now I've found a way to embrace my obsession with listing and make it fun! My name is Joy and I live in Southern Maine. I am an avid reader (so many books - too little time!) and a practicing writer. My higher aim is to be kind, compassionate and mindful. I believe in "being" more than "doing." One of the greatest blessings in my life is my exposure to like-minded people. I relish sharing (had I gone to preschool, I would have been a hit!) and I can't wait to read your own unique PUKKA lists!

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