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Five feelings you think of when you picture a window.
You can be descriptive with imagery.
My PUKKA list is:

  1. hope
  2. the recognition of potential
  3. dreams unrequited
  4. intuitive peace
  5. impermanence
What about you? What’s on your PUKKA list?

About pukkalists

I used to suffer from list love. Now I've found a way to embrace my obsession with listing and make it fun! My name is Joy and I live in Southern Maine. I am an avid reader (so many books - too little time!) and a practicing writer. My higher aim is to be kind, compassionate and mindful. I believe in "being" more than "doing." One of the greatest blessings in my life is my exposure to like-minded people. I relish sharing (had I gone to preschool, I would have been a hit!) and I can't wait to read your own unique PUKKA lists!

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