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Three breakfast foods you adore?

My list is:

1. French Toast with maple syrup

2. Zucchini, tomato and feta omelettes

3. Oh’s cereal (at least two bowls)

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How Are You Misinterpreted?

List 3 things that are often misinterpreted about you by others. In what areas does your perception of yourself contradict what others perceive?
My list:
1. my fear
2. my way of seeing
3. my love of both the mundane and the fantastical
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Being Whole

3 things that you define as making yourself “whole”.

1. awake, aware, and breathing.
2. aware, breathing, and smiling.
3. breathing, smiling, and being still.

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6 ways to show you love someone by only using a 3 word sentence, that is not “I love you” (or any sort of close combination).
My choices are:
1. “Don’t be scared.”
2. “I’m always here.”
3. “Are you okay?”
4. “Come see me.”
5. “I need you.”
6. “Stay with me.”
My good friend John (idea generator for PUKKA lists) and my boyfriend Jared collaborated with me on this list. I had a difficult time coming up with any answers at first, but once they suggested the first few, I was able to play along!
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List two things you remember from yesterday.

1. I remember how I ate way too many Sour Patch Kids in one sitting and I thought to myself: I wish I still lived with my mother sometimes, so she could come grab the bag from me and tell me to Just Stop!

2. I remember how I sat on the park bench, watching the shoppers come out of Big Lots, and wrote down some ideas I had for writing. It felt pretty good, actually.

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Scent Memories

List four scents that remind you of your childhood.

1. Campfires. My parents and I lived in the woods for a while and did a lot of our cooking over a campfire. And, for that matter…

2. Butter and Garlic Sauteing in a Pan. I might be mistaken, but I’m fairly certain my mother started off all of her meals by preparing these two ingredients.

3. Hay and horse manure. Doesn’t sound too glamorous, but it reminds me of some of the farms I used to visit when I was a kid. I absolutely love when I meet people that smell like this. But they have to smell like hay more than crap!

4. Musty basement smell. It reminds me of when I was 10 years old and thought the coolest bedroom in the house was in the basement (my sister had already claimed it for its day-long darkness).

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Things that Get Old (or Don’t!)

List 3 things that you wish would never get old to you.
1. My body
I know – unavoidable, right?
2. Good music
Why is it that, when I fall head over heels for a new song or album, I play it way too often and end up not really caring about it anymore?
3. Passionate, infatuated love
In the beginning of a relationship, everything is in a frenzy. You’re literally lovesick, obsessed, and can’t think of or see anything else around you. Your new lover can do no wrong. Then, after a while, your obsession may turn into a more mature love. I’ve heard it referred to to as “getting comfortable.” Whenever I get to that stage (as I have too many times), I feel loss.
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